Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I learned about Americans

I happened to host 40 Americans for 3 days and the experience was educational to say the least.

  1. All Americans didn't vote for Bush the second time around and some seriously want Hillary to be the President of USA (we somehow didn't touch upon Obama).
  2. They all know about global warming and regret that their President, denied the phenomena at a crucial juncture.
  3. They are extremely emotional people and get super senti about their country and family.
  4. They are ridiculously crazy about pets.
  5. They take things very literally...so Indian humour is beyond them.
  6. They cannot survive without a map even on MG road which is possibly the easiest road in Bangalore to maneuver through.
  7. They need clear and precise instructions for everything, even to board a train.
  8. They love India. Everything about it except that the crowds overwhelm them and possibly can never drive on our streets.
  9. They seem to be unaware of the American influence on the cultural aspect in this part of the world...Everything from Jeans to Mc Donalds to Steaks and the presence of HBO was a surprise to them.
  10. They ask a LOT of questions (which is true of any foreigner actually)
  11. They say "thank you" just WAAAAAAAAY too many times! I was exhausted by the end of day 1 saying "its alright" to all their thank yous.
  12. This bunch actually asked a lot of sensible intelligent questions on "issues" and went against the stereotype of "not so bright Americans"
Its amazing how much you can learn by just meeting and talking to people.


Samba said...

Given whatever limited knowledge I have about the nature of your work, here's my 2c - The Americans you met are statistical outliers. Here's how you pick an outlier (not fully part of the mainstream tastes, stupidities and traditions). Just pick someone rich or someone intellectual. Your bunch of clients have a high probability of being at least one or may be both.

Here's how the typical American looks like

1) The median IQ and income are below the mean mean IQ and income.
2) Makes around $30k a year
3) Watches local football (not soccer) with fierce passion.
4) Is highly unaware of international politics, much less economics.
5) Is not too appreciative of things not American from languages to races to sports to movies.
6) Highly law abiding, but not bothered about deeper ethical questions. If something's legal, they assume it's ethical as well.
7) Is extremely crazy about pets.
8) Prefers handholding and doesn't seem to appreciate adventure the way the founding fathers of America did.
9) Got very impressive soft skills regardless of education levels. Thanking, apologizing, disagreeing, requesting, declining ....everything is gentle.
10) Doesn't work too hard and keeps work and life separate.
11) Loves family. But unlike Indian's doesn't keep taking shit to keep living under one roof.

La vida Loca said...

They are ridiculously crazy about pets.****

Quite the understatement! :)