Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Brand new year and a brand new issue of Just Femme!

The first issue of this brand new year is out! "Career" is the theme for this issue. Login and see what the women have to say about juggling careers and homes. Also read the interview of Kasturi Chandrasekharan, a woman who has carved a place for herself, despite coming from a "disadvantaged" background.

All this and more at http://justfemme.in

Happy Reading!

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Samba said...

I recommend the book "L:osing my Virginity", the autobiography of Richard BRANSON (founder/boss of the Virgin empire). He had started a magazine called Student after he dropped outta school. Some of his experiences in the venture are relevant today as well, especially his ability to dream up media properties of commerical value without spending a penny in terms of financial capital.