Friday, June 27, 2008

Sleepless in sillicon city

This is a good week for insomnia to strike. Usually my insomniac phase hits me when there's absolutely nothing to do or watch or even read! But this week is good :) There's Euro Cup and then there is Wimbledon. What better to way stay awake or even spend time with the idiot box?

Currently watching the match between Roddick and Tipsaravic. This Serb is good! He gave Federer a hard time at the Australian Open and now repeats the feat with Roddick. Must be hard to go up against a popular player where everyone's cheering for your opponent. But this dude's good. Add to that he's got style. Yeah yeah I am always always on the side of the supposed "under dog."

On the Euro Cup front want Spain to win today's match. Looking forward to the finals on Saturday.Honestly...I love watching the German coach Joachim Low (ok alright) jump up & down outside the court.

Update: Tipsaravic beat Roddick and is through to the third round. Yoohoo! What a match it was!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Back from a hiatus

This is the longest I have been away from my blog. Not that I didn't have enough to say but had absolutely no time. But I was peeking into other blogs, it is amazing how one gets used to checking on people through their blogs...Especially the ones you know only through blogs like Shruthi and her Puttachi (who incidentally turned 1 this May), or ILL (who's posts I love!) or Biker Dude (whom I turn to when I need that dose of humour to revive myself)

This is a good way to relieve stress when you don't have the time (or sometimes even the energy) to get in touch with real people...

April and May were absolutely crazy! June is promising to be hectic too but I am gonna take a call on that. Though the last 2 months were crazy I loved most of it :D Here's why

I spent 4 weeks in IIMB on campus, in their classrooms, listening to the brightest of professors rattle off theories that actually made sense to me. It was an absolutely fantabulously awesome experience. And I am proud to say today I am an Alumni of IIMB (so what if I didn't pay 9 lakhs :)

I met some incredibly strong, brave and fabulous women there. And I am very happy to have met these women and spent the time with them. The age group was 19 to 55 and every bit entertaining, educating and enriching all the while.

After a very long time I have made friends who's wavelength matches mine and might remain friends for good :) You will understand the excitement around this one if you've been outta college for over 3 years at least or have lost all your friends to either marriage, babies or foreign shores. It is unbelievably difficult to make friends outside of college or work place and I being out of both, had pretty much given up on making new friends EVER. So this was good. Not that I don't have friends now, I do but I am very greedy when it comes to it.

Now for the not so nice parts of the last 2 months.

The worst being the loss of M. It is a month since he left us...I still cannot believe it!

My experience with one of the doctors in the city was horrifying to say the least. Seriously economics are important I understand that but you are a bloody doctor. You are supposed to be nice to people not treat them like a scientific experiment gone wrong...the one that will pay tons of money at that!

My Ajji isn't doing well and she's been in and out of hospital all of May. I met her yesterday and her grit just amazed me. She's 98 , has gone completely blind in the last one year and all the hospital visits in the last month has left her bedridden. But her sense of humour is absolutely intact. She told me yesterday that she went for voting and has demanded 6k from the candidate (he won incidentally and has been the family's favourite MLA for as long as I can remember) She says it is about time her loyalty paid dividends :)

Alright that is a long's that for a come back? I hope I've not lost those 5 readers who'd check in here once in a while.

I am back for good people :)