Friday, June 27, 2008

Sleepless in sillicon city

This is a good week for insomnia to strike. Usually my insomniac phase hits me when there's absolutely nothing to do or watch or even read! But this week is good :) There's Euro Cup and then there is Wimbledon. What better to way stay awake or even spend time with the idiot box?

Currently watching the match between Roddick and Tipsaravic. This Serb is good! He gave Federer a hard time at the Australian Open and now repeats the feat with Roddick. Must be hard to go up against a popular player where everyone's cheering for your opponent. But this dude's good. Add to that he's got style. Yeah yeah I am always always on the side of the supposed "under dog."

On the Euro Cup front want Spain to win today's match. Looking forward to the finals on Saturday.Honestly...I love watching the German coach Joachim Low (ok alright) jump up & down outside the court.

Update: Tipsaravic beat Roddick and is through to the third round. Yoohoo! What a match it was!

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