Saturday, July 28, 2007


Mysore & Somanathpura

A trip down memory lane. It reminded of my school excursions, we did the exact same routine too Srirangapatna, KRS and Somanathapura leaving out only the palace and the zoo. The new additions being Mylari and Olive. Oh what joy one can find in smallest of things.

Somanthapura - the hoysala temple of Lord Vishnu



I sometimes wonder how the people there can be in such a jolly mood in such a bad weather. It makes me super cranky. The wonderful people and the horrible weather all intact- its always great to go back to people who are genuine and believe in what they do.

Ullal, Mangalore, Belthangady and Malebettu

My monsoon break :-) Totally unexpected but very lovely break. Loved every minute of it with a healthy dose of nostalgia thrown in. As I am growing older I am realising my need to find the roots that are otherwise lost in the concrete jungle and the catching up game.

Monsoon in Malebettu

Ullal beach

PS: I am glad I can upload pictures now! I've been struggling with my browser for long now!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No way out!

Last weekend there was a film released (some 3 hindi, 2 English and 1 Kannada but those are not as important) It is called Aap Ka Surroor: The Moviee: The Real Luv Story. Please do not even start me on the numerolgy of the title. It is Himesh Reshammiya's (HR) debut film. The promos hold glorious evidence of his non-acting skills. He actually makes Mallika Sherawat (who given a chance can act and act well) look like an oscar winning actress. I very strongly believe that the man must be eliminated from the entertainment industry (in every form) and the promos only strengthen this belief of mine. The very premise of the film that HR is a big singing sensation that can sell tickets in Germany (have all the germans gone deaf? or have all HR fans moved to germany?) is laughable.

This isn't the first time though that bollywood is making its stars sell internationally (in fictional world of course) we had Bobby Deol and Upen Patel shown as BIG hits in America singing hindi actually punjabi songs in shakalaka boom boom (whats with the title anyway!) But since in Bollywood there's no concept learning from other people's mistake the premise has been adapted again in HR's film. I do not know what the story is about. I don't even want to know what the Gayathri mantra has to do with him meeting the heroine or the hysteric cries of "I am innocent" are about in the plot. The critics "panned" the film. I read the reviews and I started making plans to start "Ban HR" groups.

But three days later I read this report that says its a hit! Apparently this inane movie with bizarre spellings and stone faced HR is a hit!!! The opening weekend box office collection is as much as Sivaji some reports claim. The collection was as much as Dhoom and Krrish 2 that released last year. Read report here.

Now how did this happen? Apparently even the Delhi multiplexes are running to packed houses proving the theory that he is for the masses only, wrong. My only solace is that in Bangalore this may not be as bad what with Sivaji keeping everyone in theatres and Kannadigas rejoicing over their new found super star hero Ganesh's 4th film. In TN of course its just going to be Sivaji. In AP there is an impressive line up of new releases and in Kerala I am not sure if anyone will watch it except may be G2 (she actually likes his music and watches any thing thats on a 70 mm screen atleast once)

Coming back to my question - why is HR such a hit? Is it his baseball hat? Is it his nasal singing? is it that fact that he is regular guy who made it big. But how did he make it big without any talent? What is it???? Last year he had a concert at Bangalore Palace grounds. I've never seen north indian junta in that quantity ever before! The tickets were priced at 500, 1000 and 1500 and there were families of 20 going in together. (no i was not attending his concert but going to the October fest next door at the same venue)

Now that his moviee is a hit my worry is I'll have to see more of him on screen too! I already have a long list of people to avoid.

But here's another view of this unusual success story. Although I do not want to pray for HR I do wish the filmmakers learn something. If they do it won't be very hard to ignore HR.

But till then I will be clinging on to DVDs of my old favourites and watching then over and over again. Unless I develop a taste for daily soaps.

BTW the heroine of the film, Hansika Motwani is just 16 years old. This is why we should have more children's film so that these kids don't have to behave like grown ups in stupid films.