Friday, December 28, 2007


Exists only in books! In reality there are only interpretations of it that make our lives miserable!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random amazing things that happened in the last 10 days

1) I meet people with whom I playbacked many years ago and end up taking up the challenge of making a short film in 6 days!
2) I actually manage to write a script in 2 days and on the 3rd day we are shooting and on the 6th day before midnight, have a CD of the completed film in hand. I still can't believe it.
3) The day after the film is made I land up in God's own country in the middle of some serious religious fervour
4) In less than 6 hours I learn Thiruvathira Kazhi (have I spelled it right?) and the steps for the title song of Aaja Nachle and perform on stage in front of over 75 people.
5) By the end of the day I had sore knee and a back that was ready to give away but what the hell I was now family! Sav says I am more more Mal than her with this performance (which incidentally does not include my Main Madhuri Dixit banna chaahti hoon moment)

PS: I didn't know Thiruvathira Kazhi had to do with marital harmony till I googled just now! Better later than never I say :D

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh Shi* Oouch (OSO)

I watched the much hyped Om Shanthi Om (OSO) two days ago. The movie was such a bore!!! There was very little entertainment in it! I was very disappointed with Farah Khan especially after Main Hoon na which was a brilliant piece of cinema. (many disagree on this but if you are a bollywood buff that movie would make sense comically else it's lost on you).

The first half of OSO is somewhat entertaining although mostly slapstick. And then second half SRK takes over the film as himself and one starts losing one's mind! Whatever little admiration I had gathered for SRK after Don and Chakde! just went poof! And what the hell is that Dard e disco song? I didn't relaise how painful it would be watch the the bronzed and oiled six pack SRK on 70mm and man was I groaning, in agony that is!!!

The star party song with over 30 actors was driving me mad! I kept thinking "bloody hell they are having a ball of a time and I am paying to watch this nonsense!" What's with the long drawn absolutely mindless comedy scene of SRK acting as a south Indian movie star to please his sweetheart? Stop making fun of South indian movies YOU bollywood!!! Why were the critics so thrilled about this crappy piece? True tribute to 70s? PUHLEAAASE Nasir Hussein's cinema's were logic defying but entertaining... even today! I liked Aaja Nachle so much better this one. (And critics panned this one) I have a feeling that media created this unfailing SRK persona and now they are too scared to anger their deity! The director too I think was in awe of the star to say "dude stop overacting"

And this movie is highest grosser (how the hell is it spelled?) of the year. I am sure it is the hype around the movie that got people going to the theatres in the first week and producer (which is SRK) made his money before people realised how crappy it was! Believe me I wasn't the only one groaning in pain the theatre. Compared to that every time Madhuri walked into the screen the crowd cheered!

And oh in the middle of all this madness Deepika Padukone is a feast to watch. She actually lights up the screen everytime :) And her acting too is an improvement by miiiiiles from her non-performance in her Kannada debut "Aishwarya"

OSO is just a load of bullshit packed in hype. But then who's listening? A very learned friend of mine told me..."But sweetheart it made money so what is your problem?"

Monday, December 10, 2007

hmm :)

When I got married and set up home everything was so new that I yearned for familiarity. I borrowed vessels and bedsheets from Amma to make up for it. Today I don't need to bring things from "home." This IS home :) The vessels, the bedsheets, the music, the books, the movies, the little dents on the wall everything is "ours." We went off to Goa to celebrate all the familiarisations, the ups and the downs (yeah we've got plenty of them too).

It's all good...actually it's all great :D

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ta Daaaaa! again!

I thought after the first one the second one gets easier...But this one was harder!!!

Second edition of Just Femme is just out

We are still learning the ropes. The hardest part? To find "good" and "committed" writers. We had a few people who said they'll write and then backed out. There's nothing wrong in changing one's mind but the mad scramble one went through to fill in the spots...devarige preeti! Many thinks to all those people :)

Anyways it always feels good after bringing the issue out.

so people do visit the site and feel free to tell us what you think...there's a comments section there make use of it. While I go get some much needed sun!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

That time of the year

Everyone's talking about it "oh this year went by so quickly" is all one hears everywhere. And I agree happily. But had you talked to me in say first week of Septemeber or something I would've said its killing me...the pace that is. However in retrospect everything is in perspective.

This year...
  • I didn't make any new friends (Why is it soooo hard to make friends once you grow up?). In fact I had to let go of a few of them. No saving once you outgrow your friendship...Time to bring in the Time Capsule.
  • I didn't learn to cook as many new dishes as I planned to...I've developed an aversion to cooking!
  • I didn't watch as many plays I intended to. If only the Rangashankara people answered the damn telephone when you try to call them for details!
  • I didn't go to as many concerts as I wanted to...Why the hell are they so expensive?
  • I am not gonna end the year with as much money as I thought I should :(((

  • I did take Amma and VM on their first flight :D Amma's reaction was total paisa vasool :DDD
  • I did set up an editing suite of sorts at home..Man that feels like ages ago!
  • I finally got to work with M more closely and how I love that guy! (Will post about this sometime)
  • I managed to put my foot down and say "no more bullshitting me" on quite a few occasions - YAAAAYYY!
  • I did all the stories I wanted to do and got good responses...One always feels one could've done more of course.
  • I did all the shopping I wanted to do everytime I wanted to do (this kinda explains my non-existent bank balance :)
  • Came up with workable idea and ACTUALLY implemented it much to the surprise of everyone around!!! (Who thought of it? who's doing it? Do you have a business planner? I am asked every other day :D)
Hmmm now that I've listed it all down I think I've had a I've had a pretty good year...not bad at all! Lets see what one can do in 2008?

Postscript: If I had written this post 3 days ago the year would've been depressing but now that a holiday is coming up I am in high spirits he he he. It is all a matter of perspective!