Sunday, December 02, 2007

That time of the year

Everyone's talking about it "oh this year went by so quickly" is all one hears everywhere. And I agree happily. But had you talked to me in say first week of Septemeber or something I would've said its killing me...the pace that is. However in retrospect everything is in perspective.

This year...
  • I didn't make any new friends (Why is it soooo hard to make friends once you grow up?). In fact I had to let go of a few of them. No saving once you outgrow your friendship...Time to bring in the Time Capsule.
  • I didn't learn to cook as many new dishes as I planned to...I've developed an aversion to cooking!
  • I didn't watch as many plays I intended to. If only the Rangashankara people answered the damn telephone when you try to call them for details!
  • I didn't go to as many concerts as I wanted to...Why the hell are they so expensive?
  • I am not gonna end the year with as much money as I thought I should :(((

  • I did take Amma and VM on their first flight :D Amma's reaction was total paisa vasool :DDD
  • I did set up an editing suite of sorts at home..Man that feels like ages ago!
  • I finally got to work with M more closely and how I love that guy! (Will post about this sometime)
  • I managed to put my foot down and say "no more bullshitting me" on quite a few occasions - YAAAAYYY!
  • I did all the stories I wanted to do and got good responses...One always feels one could've done more of course.
  • I did all the shopping I wanted to do everytime I wanted to do (this kinda explains my non-existent bank balance :)
  • Came up with workable idea and ACTUALLY implemented it much to the surprise of everyone around!!! (Who thought of it? who's doing it? Do you have a business planner? I am asked every other day :D)
Hmmm now that I've listed it all down I think I've had a I've had a pretty good year...not bad at all! Lets see what one can do in 2008?

Postscript: If I had written this post 3 days ago the year would've been depressing but now that a holiday is coming up I am in high spirits he he he. It is all a matter of perspective!

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