Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random amazing things that happened in the last 10 days

1) I meet people with whom I playbacked many years ago and end up taking up the challenge of making a short film in 6 days!
2) I actually manage to write a script in 2 days and on the 3rd day we are shooting and on the 6th day before midnight, have a CD of the completed film in hand. I still can't believe it.
3) The day after the film is made I land up in God's own country in the middle of some serious religious fervour
4) In less than 6 hours I learn Thiruvathira Kazhi (have I spelled it right?) and the steps for the title song of Aaja Nachle and perform on stage in front of over 75 people.
5) By the end of the day I had sore knee and a back that was ready to give away but what the hell I was now family! Sav says I am more more Mal than her with this performance (which incidentally does not include my Main Madhuri Dixit banna chaahti hoon moment)

PS: I didn't know Thiruvathira Kazhi had to do with marital harmony till I googled just now! Better later than never I say :D


Shruthi said...


I must say those are really amazing! More amazing things in 10 days than many people have done in 10 years! :D Way to go!

Abhipraya said...

yes yes yes :) thanks Shruthi!

Sav said...

bravo bravo!! :)
where are the pictures, i say?!

Samba said...

What is thiru...kazhi? Would hope for glimpses of the short film.

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