Sunday, June 27, 2010


I probably won't regret it, but I will wonder, won't I? I probably won't miss it. I will probably be able to look at the big picture ; look back, weigh the pros and cons and be content.

Is that enough?

This is all I get, one chance to do all that I want to do, all I want to say, all I want to be. How can I be just content?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuilka Blogathon

I've never done a blogathon before and what fun to do it on rhymes :) So here it goes.

Kannada rhyme that teaches clapping for younger children and shopping to older ones :)

roTTi angaDi kiTTappa
nangondu roTTi taTTappa

puTaani roTTi
kempage suTTu
ombattu kaasige kaTTappa
biddu hOdeetu kiTTappa

This one's about a greedy boy who wouldn't share his

baNNada tagaDina Tutturi
kaasige konDanu kasturi

sarigamapadhanisa oodidanu
sanidhapamagarisa oodidanu

tanage tutturi ideyenda
beraarigu ada koDenenda

kasturi naDedanu beediyali
jambada kOLiya reetiyali

tutturiyooduta koLada baLi
naDedanu kasturi sanjeyali

jaaritu neerige tutturi
ganTalu kaTTitu neeroori

sarigama oodalu noDidanu
ga ga ga ga saddanu maaDidanu

baNNavu neerina paalaaytu
baNNada tutturi bOLaaytu

baNNada tutturi haaLaaytu
jambada kOlige goLaaytu

Incidentally both the poems are written by GP Rajaratnam. He wrote hundreds of songs for children which are still popular after so many decades.

Id you are interested in participating in the blogathon, go here. You can submit rhymes in any language :)