Thursday, October 29, 2009


Why does it have to be Uterus or the Brains? They are made in a way that both work together and well at that!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Insomnia Strikes Randomness Happens

Like Douglas Adams Said In "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" (I Might Be Paraphrasing Here) Putting Things In Capitals Puts Things In Perspective.

While that might be true typing like that is damn hard.

Anyways back to the post. I suddenly realised that I haven't done any post for more than two months and Whizkid too reminded me :) But my head's just in a swirl these days. Sometimes in a good swirl like the swirl of cream you see on top of fancy coffees and sometimes...well just in a swirl.

I am not able to sleep and growing extremely jealous of V snoring away and Miss T blissfully smiling in her sleep. So am gonna VENT. (Do not read further if you are feeling happy or hoping for some insightful post)

1) Why the effin hell would people want to complicate their lives? I have heard such complicated love stories and family sagas that they make Ekta Kapoor's imagination seem tame!

2) Problems do not go away in life. They are just waiting to delurk when you are happiest.

3) If you don't start it never live it right and possibly won't end it right. And more often than not the starting point is not your hands.

4) Talking things over is the simplest of all joys in any kinda relationship. But that's the hardest thing to do it seems.

5) For the Nth time I want magic in my life. Why isn't there a Hogwarts equivalent to go to at 30? You need magic as you grow older. When you are younger you do think you can "do" everything :)

6) I am loving the internet all the more. I keep up with friends and shop without actually going out. And of course vent like this.

7) I only watch the scrolls run by on news channels (on mute). I turn on the volume only when I cannot find entertainment anywhere else.

8) I have become incapable of reading any newspaper that's not The Hindu.

9) I am very frustrated at car becoming the only mode of transportation in my life :(

10) I can play with Miss T for hours on end. I am very flattered by the attention she gives me and unnerved by the faith she has in me.

11) I am getting better at saying "no"

12) I am learning to be diplomatic...Please to be noting the "tense"

13) I am trying very hard not to swear. But it is too damn hard :D

Like always I am gonna stop at number 13. Now I think I should be able to sleep. And hopefully post something more readable next time around.