Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Just for the record :) Miss T tries to distract me from giving her a lesson in what not to do by pointing to the fan or a light bulb just the way I do when she gets cranky.

If that doesn't work. She starts dancing by bobbing up and down.

What can I say? :D


Well, in the muddled up head of mine, the only thing that seems to be working right and on schedule is Miss T's things. Her food, play time, story time, medicines and doctor's visits. Everything else is all over the bloody place!

Work, relationships, movies, books, music, party - I've got no time and some times no energy for these things. It has been over a year and I still can't seem to get the hang of it. Or is this how it is for every mother? Or am I trying too hard to make things go on like it was before? Any of you young ladies know the answer to this one?


I've been hunting around for college students to work on one of our projects. Man are they on a high horse or what! I want to box their ears and tell them to go back to school and learn basics. They bloody sit back shaking their foot when I am asking them if they understood what is expected of them. And then the next day they send me an SMS, an SMS saying they "cannot commit" to the project! SMS. No mail, no call. And for the money I am paying them they ought to be working for an entire month from 9 - 5. Instead they complain that the project means long travel hours (whose costs we are ready to reimburse btw.) And then they have the audacity to ask if they can send me their resume when they finish their course!

Actually I'd like to hire them, make them sit in an office and tell them exactly how useless they are. I know it will cost me money but it will be worth it.

I'd like to see how many of them land a job and if they survive it.


Talking of jobs. The kids these days apply to a call centre, get through, sit through the training period for which they are paid and then quit. Easy money eh? Wonder how long they can keep it up.


I am dreading the whole schooling experience that is about befall on Miss T. The sense of competition parents have is SCARY. They'll do anything to get their kids ahead in line. ANYTHING. And am not so high on getting the "best" school with "best academic record" but am not sure of this whole learn horse riding as a life-skill kinda non-formal schools either. And if I don't care and V doesn't care and Miss T doesn't care we are going to be under a lot of pressure to justify our carefree (or careless if you are on the other side). I am sure V & I can handle it but what about Miss T? huh. My only lifeline is the fact that this is still two years away.


I meet a lot of women these days on formal occasions, who introduce themselves as Mrs so and so and a mother of two. And they go on to add that being a mother is part of who they are and so it is part of introduction.

I never introduce myself as Mrs neither do I bring up the daughter unless it is in some context or if someone asks me directly. And I don't feel like putting Miss T's picture (by herself or with me) as my profile picture in any of the networking sites. I didn't have V as part of my profile either. Not that I am afraid to reveal that I am married or embarrassed to say I am a mother. I simply don't think I have to tell that loud on every single occasion. Does this happen to you?


I do a lot of mindless surfing these days and hooked to the Simpsons, late night show. I am not getting any more intelligent with either of it but that's what I am doing. Then I hit the bed saying gosh it is the end of August already.