Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mumbai yet again

I have never come close to the terror that Mumbai and its people (and thousands of others right from Kashmir to the North East) have had to live with. I hope I don't have to. And I hope this is last time I have to wonder about how those people felt.

But I do wonder how hard it must be for them. 2 weeks ago Kumar Sangakkara (yes the cricketer from Sri Lanka) delivered a spectacular speech at the MCC on terror and cricket in his country. Everything he said was so profound and genuine, but this line stayed with me - 'parents would take separate buses so that should anything happen, at least one of them will go back to the children.' I cannot think about it without a lump in my throat. That line kept kept coming back to me as I watched inexperienced and experienced journalists ask stupid questions to people who hadn't had time to wash off the dust from all the blasts.

All those people who died many dreams, so many hopes and probably some bitterness came to an end. And someone else decided to end it for them. We'll never know who, why or probably even how.

This is not the post i started out to write. I was generally thinking about all the hoopla around Mumbai forgetting the fears and stepping out and wondering about my own fears. But that list (yes a long one at that) is silly compared what the people of Mumbai and elsewhere feel in a the face of constant fear.

Of all the rhetoric that's floating around, This one made a lot of sense. Battered housewife is a perfect if unacceptable analogy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

And so another Monday went by

Discovered interesting things about a colleague today. Dunno what to make of all the information I have on hand. But glad I know better. I don't think ignorance is bliss when it comes to knowing people.

I am looking for a break on how to take Just Femme forward. That's all I've been thinking about for a while now.

That and how to make the days stretch longer than 24 hours. Neither of the problems are yielding at this point in time.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

This week in a few words. OK! Sentences

Death of two gold fish. Never again am I bringing them fish into this house! It is too sad :(

Rediscovering music. Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Beatles no less :) It makes me insanely happy :)

Lovely books for company. Inspiring. have you seen this? That's were I keep track of my book reads. Psst do check out my reading list. Very thrilled about it.

Bonding with Miss T like never before. It is actually so much fun to talk to her.

Sunday is promising to be very exciting since V is back after 2 weeks.

Now if only I could rediscover the trick to trick the writer's block outta my head...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Monday at home

Traffic was piled up practically to my door step. I'd had a rough morning with Miss T with lot of yelling,kicking, and crying so I decided to work from home. Not surprisingly I am more productive at home than I am in the office. I browse lesser. I spend less time on FB and Twitter :)

But it felt so wonderful to receive T when she got back from school :) She didn't jump in joy or any such thing. But she was content. Monday office ilva (No office on Monday?) she said :) The context being me trying to explain that the only day she and I and V can spend the whole day together is when there's no office or school which is only on Saturday and Sunday. And so Monday thuuusday ella school chennagilla is what I hear every morning. (Monday, Tuesday etc., there's school. It is not nice).

Friday, July 01, 2011

Oh my beloved Sankey Road

In the late 90s this was the road that I'd take to and from work for many years. There wasn't crazy traffic like now. The wait at the Bhashyam circle signal couldn't have been more than 5 min.

But what excited me the most was the drive from Bhashyam circle on to Sankey Road at sunset. It was a 5 minute drive overall but the one I used to plan very carefully and wait for all day. I couldn't do it too often since my office ended after sunset on most days. But I managed to drive down that road at least once a week. What a glorious sight that was. Calm, quiet drive down the road with bright orange sun rippling the lake. I'd even turn back at Malleshwaram 18th cross junction just to do the drive all over again.

For a brief period the signals from MG Road to Raj bhavan was synchronised and if I planned it right I could cruise along the entire stretch...driving into the sunset literally. The orange sun in my eyes all along, playing hide and seek against the silhouetted trees.

Now I dread to even occasionally venture on to MG Road or Sankey road.

MG Road has lost many trees to Metro and today Sankey Road's losing its trees to road widening. The localites however are not interested in road widening.

Where is this going to stop I wonder.