Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh Shi* Oouch (OSO)

I watched the much hyped Om Shanthi Om (OSO) two days ago. The movie was such a bore!!! There was very little entertainment in it! I was very disappointed with Farah Khan especially after Main Hoon na which was a brilliant piece of cinema. (many disagree on this but if you are a bollywood buff that movie would make sense comically else it's lost on you).

The first half of OSO is somewhat entertaining although mostly slapstick. And then second half SRK takes over the film as himself and one starts losing one's mind! Whatever little admiration I had gathered for SRK after Don and Chakde! just went poof! And what the hell is that Dard e disco song? I didn't relaise how painful it would be watch the the bronzed and oiled six pack SRK on 70mm and man was I groaning, in agony that is!!!

The star party song with over 30 actors was driving me mad! I kept thinking "bloody hell they are having a ball of a time and I am paying to watch this nonsense!" What's with the long drawn absolutely mindless comedy scene of SRK acting as a south Indian movie star to please his sweetheart? Stop making fun of South indian movies YOU bollywood!!! Why were the critics so thrilled about this crappy piece? True tribute to 70s? PUHLEAAASE Nasir Hussein's cinema's were logic defying but entertaining... even today! I liked Aaja Nachle so much better this one. (And critics panned this one) I have a feeling that media created this unfailing SRK persona and now they are too scared to anger their deity! The director too I think was in awe of the star to say "dude stop overacting"

And this movie is highest grosser (how the hell is it spelled?) of the year. I am sure it is the hype around the movie that got people going to the theatres in the first week and producer (which is SRK) made his money before people realised how crappy it was! Believe me I wasn't the only one groaning in pain the theatre. Compared to that every time Madhuri walked into the screen the crowd cheered!

And oh in the middle of all this madness Deepika Padukone is a feast to watch. She actually lights up the screen everytime :) And her acting too is an improvement by miiiiiles from her non-performance in her Kannada debut "Aishwarya"

OSO is just a load of bullshit packed in hype. But then who's listening? A very learned friend of mine told me..."But sweetheart it made money so what is your problem?"

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Pavithra Sankaran said...

I just watched it, and I agree. I think Farah K thought she could get away with anything after Main Hoon Na. This time she might've made money, but I doubt it'll work a third time. Quite pissed off with the movie.