Friday, January 11, 2008

Maharashtrian politics over women's safety!

The fourteen accused in the Mumbai molestation case (what accused they are there in the picture grabbing those women) did a very smart thing yesterday. They put on their best maharashtrian self and went to Raj Thackeray, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief and pleaded their innocence. And Mr Thackeray who obviously saw the mileage in this hauled them off to a state minister to plead their case. Yes, he has achieved the "protector of all things maharashtrian" status with this. But isn't this incident showing badly on Maharashtra's beloved Aamchi Mumbai? How come he doesn't care about that? Doesn't this show that he doesn't care about women? Maharashtrian or not?

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Nobody cares about the women isn't it? If they get molested, raped, burnt, beaten...they deserved it eh?


Kannan said...

It's more or less like that, unless rapes, molestations and humiliation convert into votes.
The Sena's women's wing is silent on the issue and they claim that the accused were wrongly arrested. Day-in, day-out, girls and women are groped, touched and sneered at in suburban locals. Yet most of us (men) (72% as per an HT survey) believe that 'our' women are not affected by such incidents, 'others' might be.

Samba said...

In politics, like in everything else, things are unfortunately driven by personal incentives. Kannan is right in that these issues are monetizeable to votes. But I'm not sure what's so Maharashtrian about molestation. I'm also not sure whose votes Mr. Thackeray is targeting by siding with the culprits. There have always been MCPs among voters. But again, it's very doubtful whether even a single MCP is MCP enough vote Mr. Thackeray simply because he has sided with molestors. My guess is this startegy is not likley to net him more than a 100 votes, the votes of serious and practical sex maniacs. I don't think the 72% men who believe that groping and eve teasing don't affect women will vote on that basis.