Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have been working from home for four years now (I didn't realise it was this long till just now). I have become so spoiled that even a good salary isn't drawing me out of this house. There is travel involved and there are times when it gets hectic. But largely I get to decide when I will travel and how much of hectic work I will partake, so its been GREAT fun even if it hasn't meant great money (that's mostly because I haven't been smart about it and not because there isn't any money to make. But I am ok with that)

However there's a flip side to it. One gets lonely at times. Cable TV isn't a great option for a break. When I am not traveling it gets very difficult to have some company. Everyone else is working their 14 hour schedules Monday through Friday, plus the mandatory 2 hour road rage session a day so whom do I actually talk to in person? Just V. (That explains my phone bills)

Its a funny thing this work week and weekend division. Just about everything in your life that is not "work" gets pushed to weekend. Bill payments, shopping for home, meeting family (not just extended but also the people at home. You actually "see" them properly only on weekends. Rest of the days it is just a blur of faces saying good byes, good nights and packing lunch for you), meeting friends, catching a nap, catching a movie or a play, everything is for weekends. And then there are just two days and so somethings are forgotten. And this is mostly people because bills come with due dates and penalties...people can wait.

I have lived this life for so long that even after four years of working from home, I still haven't changed the weekend routine. It hasn't registered in my head that I can redefine my lifestlye! Now that it has occurred to me its time to do something about it.

I am not in the race anymore but I am still running

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RustyNeurons said...

Hello, just popped in and I find there are so many things that I relate to! :)
You made good choice of working from home, I wish I can do that too..