Monday, January 07, 2008

BIFFES - 3rd day

Today's films

1) A documentary called Atheism by Julian Samuel. A very vast and sensitive subject - religion. It was handled well as a subject but filmmaking was all over the place and it ended up being very heavy too.
2) Dealer (2004), Hungary - Found it very depressing!
3) Zim & Co (2005), France - LOVED IT. They managed to pack in a lot of issues without making it sad. Very endearing.

I want to catch a few of the Indian docus in the coming days...lets see.


Samba said...

Quick question.

How long is Biffes onna be around?

It's at Suchitra if I aint wrong?

Abhipraya said...

Its happenning till the 10th. They are showing the films both at Suchitra and Vision Cinemas on double road or what is now called K H Road