Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I am too disgusted!

"Two years in a row, New Year revelry in Mumbai has gone awry. This year, in a city which boasts of being safe for women, a mob of 70 to 80 men groped and molested two women for about 15 minutes on a busy main street in Juhu early on New Year's Day. " More details here

What's with the men? And 70-80 men going after two women just because they dared to step out after midnight? Seriously sex is the only thing on mind anytime of the day whatever the occasion huh? While going to work if a woman crosses by whistle at her. Comment on her breasts and bottoms while she's trying to get on a bus who's window seat you are sitting at. She's trying to drop her kids off at school in a car say she's too hot to be a momma. She's waiting at the bus stop to be picked up by a 20 year old son, hover around her giving her leery looks, making her nervous. You are walking along with your friend after work and a girl walks by and you have this sudden urge to push your friend on to her and laugh about it.

UGGGGGH disgusting! And anyone who dares to say that it is because of what women wear you have another thing coming!

!@#@$@!$@#$!$#$!$#@$@#!$!@ Bloody hell!


Samba said...

Your outrage is palpable. I agree that you can't blame it on what women wear (or don't). But you can definitely blame it on the Indian society.

1) Lawlessness
2) Sex starvation

Nonetheless, I have a remark, which I'm afraid will never get published. For 70 men to have done it, it would have taken commendable amounts of team work, coordination and projetc management!

Morpheus said...

Sad to hear, I thought only Delhi was like that. I guess Indian men will not change!! Its sick and sad. I keep wanting to blame the Indian films as item number, everywhere, people with few or little wonder there is this urge to grab. Its pathetic and it makes me say..yes thats a part of India.

Nikhil. said...

u dont have to be anti-man to be pro woman...!!
yellaru hang alla ri..!!! :)

Abhipraya said...

Samba, for once I agree with you. I mean not one among the the tens of them think twice but jumped in like it was some party? It gives me chills!

Morpheus, The madness has spread beyond Delhi. Mumbai and Bangalore have 35% share in crimes among major cities across the country in a recent survey.

Nikhil, I agree ellaaru haage irolla aadre ee tharaha ghaTanegaLu mai nadugisutve jigupse tarsutte :(