Monday, May 29, 2006

No wandering thoughts...

It is incredible that for the last couple of days I've not had anything that I wanna tell the world, scream down from the roof top. Which I could then put it up on this blog.

Ok that statement is not entirely true, me and no wild thoughts - I must be dead! What's kept me from blogging, is the typing! Seriously, all the technological advances is of no use if it does not help a person be what he or she wants to be. In my case - Lazy. I know there's a software that converts speech to text (I witnessed the test in P's house sometime back). But that too takes effort I mean I have to hold a mike and speak to it, wait for the computer to understand and convert it into text. That's hardwork at times. I'd like it if some software senses the it when there is a thought and I formulate it in my head into something readable and in that instant it is converted into text. I am willing to do this thought process in the vicinity of a computer cos I assume technology is not so advanced that it can sense the thought swelling in my head while I am crossing the streets or other unmentionable situations/ locations I get ideas in.

I hope some techie reads this, gets excited and solves this small problem of mine. Then I can blog wherever whenever (I think that's tagline of some product)

Just as I finish this I hear the NDTV weather report where the reporter is saying with great gusto "that the south west monsoon has had severe effects on Cozycode in Kerala" (I wish I could write it the way he said Kerala too but I can’t. If you've heard any North Indian say it then you know it). Malayalis do write to NDTV and protest over malligning the name of your place. Demand they put only Malayalis to talk about Kerala. If need be, go on hunger strike. I shall provide the most important part of it - moral support. Go on…it is the flavour of the season, don't be left behind.

Maja maadi.


S. said...

hahaa!! But first, my dear, let's hear you say Kozhikode like it is meant to be said! :)))

Abhipraya said...

Oh you are underestimating me lady...go on set a time and place and I shall say it...just the way it is meant to be. Only one condition there has to be one neutral malayalee judge. (that's gonna be hard idn't it)