Thursday, May 04, 2006

My new obsession and Ice creams

I have been blogging only for a week now. I have posted only 5 or 6 times and nobody really reads them (even if they do, very politely leave no comments). So it is just an attempt to let my creative juices (!?!) flow. All this has not stopped me from thinking about the blog though. Every time I see or hear something new, interesting or not I say to myself 'hey that should go on the blog.' So in the last four days I have thought up of a million things ok well about 6 subjects to discuss on the blog. I even formulate the entire posting in my head, but since it is easier to think than to type it all out, I don't suppose there will be as many postings. But this one subject I can't get it off my head.

Every time I watch the Kwality Walls commercial on TV or on a hoarding. I want to scream WHY? It says "Kwality Walls, Pleasure up!" It is not the tagline that bothers me it is the sexual innuendo (!) that irritates me. Ice cream is a simple, innocent and most amazingly yummy thing invented by human beings. And to do that to ice cream is sacrilege! The pleasure up campaign has been going on for a while now.

I am told this is associative marketing. These days almost every company does this. That's the reason you see a skimpily clad woman in every damn ad. Be it shirt, home, bank, cool drink or even dog food there is the woman. I remember reading somewhere that Pepsi became a huge success when they had Michael Jackson feature in their commercial. The psychology behind it the author said, was that people loved the fact that there so many women screaming for Jackson while he held the pepsi bottle. And the sales soared.

No doubt this has given millions of women job opportunities and sometimes more than that. Remember the very first ad with Aishwarya Rai in it? Apparently that played a huge part in her catapulting her career.

With all this background, to me it looks like the Kwality Walls ad makers and the product marketing chaps are trying to capture the teenage and adult market. And hence they are moving away from simple straight forward, fun, non-sexy adverts to out and out sexy commercial. But tell me why associate ice-cream with sex? I cannot somehow believe that teenagers and adults did not take to ice cream till they realised they could “pleasure up!” An interesting point was made by S the other day when we happened to see the hoarding on Brigade road. When I told her about my theory for the ad she said "oh that's even worse, what are they trying to say that we (adults) can only think about sex and nothing else?"


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