Tuesday, May 30, 2006

For the love of PINK

I've seen Hera Pheri and the original in Mal. Loved them both. Now not only are they making a sequel they are even going pink apparently. WHY WHY WHY?
I wish they had a picture of what they are describing. Someone please please start a purple orange or even flourascent green revolution. Bring back Govinda.

Bipasha Basu's wearing pink go-go boots.
She's in a matching frilly skirt and top, looking like an enthusiastic extra from a Barbie video. "Thank God," the actress laughs, "I'm not the only one." This is true. Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty are in blue suits with frilly pink shirts and bow ties, standing in front of microphones on a suprisingly plain white set. They are flanked by Bips and Rimii Sen, dressed in similar attire.


A sequel with pink actors on a white stage dancing to Reshammiya's tune. Lord be with the audience.

PS: what's a go-go boot?

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The Kid said...

The only nice thing i know that uses the color pink besides The Pink Panther is a light shade of Strawberry icecream....