Friday, May 05, 2006

Helpline - Part II

I had written about my woes with Standard Chartered Bank a couple of days ago. Yesterday I called them again, because there is no sign of my statement soft or hard copy. I had this absolutely mindless conversation with one Mr. Raj.

R: You have updated the address on 26th Apr and our statement delivery date is 22nd so you will not recieve the copy this month.
Me: Ha ha ha well then I will not pay any money to you let alone the fine and interest you are bloody charging me.
R: If you subscribe for email updates, we can send the soft copy right away and then you shouldn't have any problems paying us.
Me: Yes I shouldn't but guess what? The last time I called I already did that and I cannot open the bloody attachment you have sent me.
R: Oh that's simple you have to type your 16 digit card number to open the attachment.
Me: But nothing was happening.
R: You have to type your 16 digit card number to open the attachment.
Me: But you see there was no box that will let me type in the numbers.
R: Oh so you cannot type your 16 digit card number to open the attachment?
R: I will send it again then

By then I am too glad to hang up and actually thank him for letting me go.

Later it occurred to me that I was going through all this agonising experience to pay the Bank back. I was actually struggling to find a way to pay them. Good lord is this ridiculous or what?


S. said...

Please, do dedicate some space for telemarketing calls too. I would say they are the most irritating. I'm waken up from my Sunday afternoon nap to be asked if I want a personal loan; I sneek out of a meeting to be asked if I intend to buy a house. And yesterday, for the umpteenth time I thanked a lady for letting me know I can buy a Country Club membership and asked her to mark my number in their database with a "DO NOT CALL AGAIN" tag.

Pavithra Sankaran said...

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