Sunday, May 21, 2006

A duplicator, a port-key and floo powder!

Someone wise once told me that if you do not know something exists, then you don't miss it. No doubt this is true. Until I discovered floo powder and port-key thanks to J K Rowling, I was miserable about travel but since I didn't know of alternatives I was getting along fine. But now I yearn for it so much! Just imagine no need to ride to railway station with an argumentative and sullen auto driver. No scrambling on the platform to find the right compartment and no praying that "lord tonight let there be no creep whose testosterone is acting up!"

Off late I've also been wanting a duplicator. I can use it when I am in a fix about meeting someone I am not a great fan of or even vice versa. In both situations I will not be the one facing the uncomfortable situation; it will be my duplicate evil self with a slightly altered ethicator (the copyright of this word probably belongs to Bill Watterson eh?) or just plain old good self :-) And this is just one of the many uses of the duplicator!

Oh for some magic in my life.......

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Vivek said...

The Hindu today reports that scientists have started work on an invisibility cloak like the one Harry Potter has, i'm sure someone is investigating how floo powder can be manufactured as don't you worry!