Thursday, February 26, 2009

They are at it again

This time for wearing "western attire" I'd like to know what their agenda is. Create panic? Gain political mileage? Just plain frustration? And how come no onlookers came to help? Well I never expect them to because it is more fun watching someone else in trouble right? It isn't you or it isn't someone you know so it is technically not your problem right?

But beating up women in broad day light? Read the report here

I am seriously looking for another city to move in...or may be a planet might be a better solution. But till then what can one do?


whizkid said...

i did feel a twinge of panic on reading the report...but way are we bucking down!

p.s: is carrying a machete legal? :)

Abhipraya said...

Whizkid it is hard to carry any kind of weapons these days what with all the security measures in place (!!!) We will have to get creative.

RS said...

Not to defend idle bystanders, but I think a self-preservation instinct is at least as much of a reason for said idleness, as (if not more than) vicarious pleasure.

As for what women should do - take self-defense classes? Brass knuckles? Pepper spray?

Abhipraya said...

RS i am not saying jum pin and fight the bad guys in bollywood style but at least take down the vehicle number of the guys indulging in such things or help out the girl to go home or the police station. Is that too much to ask?

But till that happens we have to get more creative like I said.