Monday, February 09, 2009

I want security, not just on valentines' day!

Alright now! I have had enough! Now we have the police commissioner Mr Bidari promising that people who want to celebrate valentine's day will be provided full security!

Really? security to celebrate valentine's day? What about my right to step out of my house, travel in the bus to wherever and come back without being whistled at, grabbed at and generally made to feel miserable at being a woman for all these years and future? Will you be as explicit in your promise? I agree the media is taking you to the guillotine with it. But you caved in... like this?

Then there is Mr Agni Sridhar with his 30,000 volunteers to protect the couples on valentine's day. I'd have been happier if he continues his offer and help protect women at all times from being molested, harassed, raped. What a wonderful idea that you can reach any one of those 30,000 fellow citizens at the time of distress. But this one day in a year vigilance and that too valentine's day?

Have they missed the point here? Or have I missed the point here?

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