Friday, February 20, 2009

diez articulos o menos

Ten items or less :) have you seen that movie? I love Morgan Freeman and except in the weird movie Wanted...I have loved him in everything else.

And in "Ten items or less" he's absolutely adorable. It is a lovely, warm film.

Inspired by that film I am gonna make my list of 10 items or less that I love the most in my life. In no particular order.

1) My freedom
2) Hugging V and laughing with him
3) Those rare hear to heart conversations with Amma.
4) Chat sessions with VM
5) Long conversations with my girl friends about absolutely everything under the sun
6) Sea, seashore, seashells, sea breeze just everything about the sea
7) My bike
8) Music - all kinds
9) Laughter, especially that of little children
10) Icecream
11) Walking

I know the rule is ten items or less...but what's the big deal :)

Please feel free to make your is fun :D

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