Friday, September 28, 2007

Nightmare at day break

According to an Economic Times article it takes anywhere between 21 lakhs to 98 lakhs to educate one's child (at today's rate that too)

I am so aghast at this number! V&I did some quick calculations and found that it didn't cost 21 lakhs to get us both educated despite the fact that both of us did PG from reputed institutions and even if we include the cost of our apartment (the current and not at what we bought) it doesn't come to 98 lakhs. What kind of education are we talking about here?

If this is true then my child (when it happens) will have to start earning from the age 16 to ensure so that she can put in at least a coupla lakhs from her side and oh yeah I am gonna have to start praying for a genius who can get scholarships!

This is why one should not read newspapers first thing in the morning!!!!


Sav said...

hahaa!! they call it the Power of Knowledge. i call it shock therapy :)

M said...

gulp! My heart nearly skipped a beat! I think I'll avoid reading blogs first thing in the morning;-)

M said...

btw, just happened to come acorss your blog...good work..keep writing:)

Abhipraya said...

Sav - only you can afford to say that :)
M - Thank you :) You should keep blog reading for sleepy post lunch time at offices :)