Monday, September 17, 2007

My week has only 4 working days

The right side of my brain starts slowing down by Friday afternoon. I start yearning for weekend air. This basically means some rum okay if that's shocking some red wine, lotsa music, movies, friends, family, places that are not malls, clearing all books piled on the side table and clothes in the guest bedroom, just chilling out exchanging news and views till late morning with V, long drives, weekend getaways and of course food that I didn't cook. And so for the next 2 days one tries to do all these things. Here I must say that V is also of similar mindset on weekends only he doesn't want aaaaallll the above in the same weekend where as I, do. So the next 2 days goes away in a blur. By Sunday evening V's beginning to feel restless. He will say "Oh the weekend is over" but come Monday morning he's as excited as a child going on a picnic to go to office. (The only other person who is as excited is Amma.) However my right brain refuses to wind up the fun and tune into reality. So most of Monday morning I spend moping about. This is the day to check over the internet and TV if the world has shifted in the last 2 days (Weekends there's no time for internet or TV you see). This is also the day I diligently read all emails even the ones that I would otherwise delete without a second thought. This is also the day I read up various blogs and curse them for not updating it over the weekend.

And then there is this guiltripping that I am wasting my time and not doing anything creative and productive. It doesn't help that I have no one to call / sms for the sake of it because everyone's at work. Well I have work too but since it's right in my own home I take liberties. By then its past lunch time and the guilt is so over powering that I make a list. Yes a "To Do" list and start the process right away. That is if I decide to write an article I do some research or if I decide to meet a long lost friend I dig up her number so on so forth. By 6pm my guilt is almost gone. The working day technically ends in a little while and so the guilt is forgotten till next Monday. Life's pretty much on track from Tuesday morning to Friday afternoon.

This post was meant to be confession of sorts and self pitying but at the end of it I am realising I couldn't asked for anything better I LOVE MY LIFE :)


Shruthi said...

Ha ha! That sounds exactly like my life used to be :D - Esp the reading mails I would otherwise have deleted and cursing blogs for not updating :D

Abhipraya said...

This blogging is a good thing. You know you are not alone. Thanks Shruthi :)

I love Lucy said...

Today was exactly like the way your described!And the office is also kinda empty for some reason so all the more reason to mop around!
I reckon this feeling is worse after a nice eventful weekend :)

abhipraya said...

Yes I love Lucy it is. I think we should officially expunge Monday from our lives.

Timepass said...


Sumana said...

I just steeped thru your blog. Nice write up and it is very true. Motivation to do anything on mondays is lackign especially for the first half.