Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fashion Fiasco?

I see lots of kids and grown ups wearing these shoes these days. And this report suggests that they are not escalator friendly and can be dangerous!

We get dumped with these products and if it falls in the "cool" category in some other part of the world especially America then we HAVE to have it. WHY???????

Fashion's followed blindly and comes in to "vogue" without really bothering about
1) safety aspect - high heels on our streets is an open invitation to ankle twists and ligament tears but they are absolutely a must for every woman to be considered at least trendy if not sexy
2) just the person's own will - low rise jeans and boot legged pants are of my BIG fashion peeves. I don't want to wear them but can't find one decent pair of jeans that's not low rise or boot cut.

I am not a prude I do wear high heels on occasions and have no problems with other people wearing jeans as low as they want. My issue is that I do NOT have a choice.

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