Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Breaking news!

Indian Hockey team members to go on hunger strike

And why not they won the Asia cup thulping South Korea 7-2 and all they got is a few interviews on various channels and hit the headlines for a day. While blue eyed boys are still counting their money with state governments and central government falling over each other to see who gives out the most. I am reminded of the Kannada saying "Yaarappan duddu Yellamana jaathre" (which roughly means Yellamma's festival is conducted with someone else's father's money...please don't ask to elaborate) The ministers are paying nothing from their own pockets but from the state coffers. Why aren't they this spontaneous and generous when it comes to flood relief or rehabilitation?

And then of course there is this news


Anonymous said...

I agree with the hockey players and coach, though a hunger strike may not be my choice of protest. Staying away from a tournament or national enmass camp would have had better impact.

Pavithra said...

Agreed. And the television media cant stop saying "chak de india" for the latest victory, a phrase they have ironically filched from a movie which tried to bring to light the neglect of hockey and the unnecessary hype over cricket. I guess there are a few things that cant be changed by movies or people discussing them, like the Indian craze for cricket, politicians lack of morality. Very apt proverb- "yaarappan.."