Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just a lot of questions.

What makes a person time conscious? How does one make someone look beyond self and respect other people's time? How does one inculcate the habit to keep up with the deadlines in adults? What's the cure for procrastination or for that matter plain laziness? How does one say "you suck" nicely ? How does one tell a mother she is smothering her son with all her love and he's turning out to be a whining baby? How does a husband tell the wife, "give me some space"? How does a wife tell the husband "move your butt" with love? How does a daughter tell the mother "I am fine thank you. stay away" politely?
Another year is going by and I still have no answers to these questions that have bothered me all my adult life. May be its time I give up looking for answers and just stay away from such people. But that's half the world and sometimes inlcudes me - so that's not happening.
Boy how can the year be any different if I am stuck with the same old questions / problems?

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