Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Siempre una problema!

It is that time of the year again when I can't for the life of me figure out what gift to buy for V. I mean I can't possibly buy any more shirts / tshirts / watches / wallets / shoes / socks and other unmentionables that I have bought him over the years. It is so darn hard to find a gift for men. Of course these days its a little easier with all the new age gadgets flying about. But that option is closed on me because this husband of mine believes it is cool to be gadgetless! Although I am glad he doesn't fiddle around his mobile phone / ipod / laptop/ palm top and numerable other things that men and some women can't live without; at this time of the year I wish he was a teeny bit gadget friendly. And unfortunately I can't even just buy one and get him hooked on to it...tough one :-( And its even worse when birthdays and anniversaries come back to back. I cannot think of something good that quickly!
Seriously I have run out of creative gift ideas. I've known him a long time now and have had lots of birthdays, anniversaries and just like that days celebrated to cater to. Now I am actually drawing a blank!
May be this is when couples start getting a little wary of togetherness. I mean, seen it all, done it all, know it what's new situation creeps in so you just get a little ummm complacent may be? so you say "hey i can't think of what to get for you" and he says "yeah same here" and both decide to ignore that special day. And that would probably the beginning of the end of romance?
Okay now I've scared myself and have to think of something and quick!
UPDATE: We have decided to buy something that both of us want but is very expensive to buy by oneself. And No Romance is not out of my marriage:-)


Sajana said...

try books, films, or music cds. usually works :-)

Abhipraya said...

Thanks Sajana. Pl. see update :-)

Sav said...

Whew! I am glad you put in the update -- you were beginning to scare me! :)