Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rainy days

She waited for him by the kitchen window every evening. He would walk past the window while coming back from work, smiling at her. Walk into the house and hug her, kiss her, without waiting for the door to close. On rainy days, he would take her hand and walk down the freshly washed streets, with the scent of rain still lingering; happily stepping into little puddles of water.

Today, it rained after a long time. Red earth was all moist after the clouds poured their heart out. She stood at the kitchen window longing for him. He walked by the window smiling, into his mobile phone. He walked into the house reading out the message and said it was very stupid but funny. She stood by the door, waiting for him to look up. He walked on muttering how he hated the rains and the puddles of water it left behind on the streets.

Quietly she went back to the kitchen window. She stood there looking at the little bird bath in her garden, brimming with rainwater and a sparrow wetting its beak in it.
PS: Inspired by Shoefiend's every day efforts.

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