Monday, July 10, 2006


Where have the real people gone from our movies and television serials??? They all turn up well dressed, say the right things even if they are doing world's worst thing. Perfect hair, perfect dress, perfectly coordinated accessories and almost perfect make up. The screen perfectness has spilled over to the streets too. In movie halls, malls even vegetable markets people look so well coordinated, it is as if everyone is set to walk the ramp. Will we soon see people bursting into the song and dance routine complete with hundreds of extras backing them up to express joy, sorrow umm err true Bollywood (should I say Indian) style? If that's hard to pull it off then may be we will see people doing soliloquies, quiet to the shock of those around to make important decisions or take to walk and move in slow motions at important moments of their lives - keeping in tradition with (K)Ekta Kapoor's world.

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