Thursday, July 27, 2006


No thinking up of story ideas. If its very good no one else will think of it for a while. Else someone will do it any way.
No worrying about no story ideas.
No watching news.
No reading news.
No fretting over the madness of all the news I hear.
No worrying about joblessness.
No worrying about falling out of the race. If I am good I will be back.
No worrying about all the follow ups needed. Just call / mail / confront and get it over with.
No making to do list.
No reminding of the to do list. Everyone is grown up. He / she wants it they will do it.
No blogging; Got an idea? Do it. Have a point to make? Say it to whom it matters. Else forget it.
I am taking a holiday. Going nowhere in particular...staying put and having a holiday.

1 comment:

Sav said...

No decisions to be taken, the whole day to sleep out, lots of tv to be watched. :) But... No blogging either???