Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"You will understand this when you grow up" I heard this all my childhood. I thought since grown ups can do what they want, know and understand many things, it must be fun. Then I grew up and still didn't understand many things that happened then. Add to that, newer complicated issues surround me. I am still figuring out many many things. Just when it seems like I've got this one under control WHAM another thing comes at me, non-stop. If you are sensible and sensitive, you will make a better person , some one once told me, it doesn't make sense. Where's the fun part?
I would like to be 13 again. I hated being 13 then because I hated mathematics and all the writing I had to do. But then it was such a riot to beat the boys in a game of Kho-kho or kick up some mud during Kabaddi or even do all those History and English essays. Give me Shantakumari Miss in that classroom with my maths homework book to throw at me now and I'll take it this instant.

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