Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spoilers in life

When it comes to money, be it best friends or your closest relative it doesn't take much for things to go sore.

Twice now I have been on the receiving end of deception with a straight face. And then they go on pretending to be your best friend or your well wishing uncle or aunt.

Incredible things people can do for money.

On the verge of third such deception I am dearly hoping it doesn't happen. Cos it is pretty hard to trust people or help them out in need without having to fight deception every single time.

Let's see how this one goes.


Hmm.. said...

I wonder if it is worse to endure a betrayal or to reinstate a broken trust...which may not be deserving.. crappy re!

Abhipraya said...

reinstating trust is the hardest part no doubt!

The Kid said...

oh misery just LOVES company :D