Friday, July 10, 2009

I am out in the sea

And the sea is PINK. As averse as I am to pink, everything around me is pink for the last month and possibly stay so for a long time to come. And one is actually liking most of the pink. When it is on Little Miss T that is :) I don't like the pink weighing machine, or that feeding bottle and the Barbie Pink ( what we Kannadigas lovingly refer to as Mithai pink) diaper bag.

PUHLEEEEEZ!!!!! Miss T looks gorgeous in Pink but don't make me wear it. I even have a book titled "A guide to girl babies, an owner's manual" with a Pink cover!

But the title of the post, out in sea isn't just figurative. I literally feel like that most of the time! And the opinions that bombard you left right and centre and in between don't make things easier!!!

But this is one roller coaster ride I am not willing to get off :D

Next post when I can find time that is...will be on the madness of it all which no one tells you :)


Hmm.. said...

Lol :) Im quite the contrary..I joined my school (rather refused to come out - so they had to "join" me) at 2 years old, only 'coz the school was pink, it had tiny tables and chairs in PINK colour! :P
My nickname used to be Pink-paithiyam :D
Enjoy the pink-ness of the world with lil'T! :)

Abhipraya said...

There are so many things I dunno about you :)

Kannan said...

good to hear Miss T is in pink of health

Abhipraya said...

Thanks Kannan :) How are?

Kannan said...

Fine, but as S said in her blog, we are just coming out of various blues.