Thursday, March 20, 2008

Typical TPK

Oh what an evening it was! Yesterday I was at Ranga Shankara watching TP Kailasam's Home roolu and kailasam nenapu presented by antaranga. And what a glorious evening it was :) The play opened to a full house and kept the audience in split for the entire 75 minutes!

What I liked was the little presentation they did to introduce TPK. It was a nice trip down memory lane for people like who grew up listening to his songs or reading his plays. And a good introduction to the genius of TPK for many who didn't know about him. They introduced him with snippets of his plays like sattavana santaapa and his ever so endearing songs kolike ranga, a spoof of the English song "Constantinople", namma thipparalli balu doora a spoof of the march song "It's along way to Tipparary" and the hilarious kaashig hOda nam bhaava. Saitejas, rendered these songs beautifully. You can listen to the songs here.

The play home roolu is as relevant today as it was when TPK wrote it probably in the 1930s! It was a fantastic experience. Be it the rules for corporators or the classic tug of war between daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law. None of the viciousness of the saas-bahu serials here.

Shruthi had done very nice post about him long time ago. It's an interesting read.

Wiki has quite a comprehensive bio of him here.

Aside: The title of the post is taken from a play of the same title. It was a play by CR Simha, a veteran theatre personality. You can read about it here.

Now I go singing its a long way to thipparalli (Hyderabad won't quite rhyme here will it?)


I love Lucy said...

Feels kinda bad that I am missing out on so many exciting aspects of present-day Blore, Ranga Shankara being one of them.

Ram Nambiar - (ashrk at yahoo dot com) said...

While one reads through various articles randomly, the interesting thing that strikes is it feels like Padma is having a 1:1 conversation: one leg tucked under the other, animated hands, fabindia clothing and as you put it "talking to the point of exhausting yourselves". Good one!!

Abhipraya said...

Yes ILL as much as we love to complain abt the changes in Bangalore. There are some good things that have come our way. You should make a 2 month trip to Bangalore. One month to catch up with family and friends and another to catch up with Old and new Bangalore :)

Ram Nambiar thanks :) I hadn't realised fabindia clothing was part of the image. Will have to look into that :D

Bikerdude said...

Hey! Boregowda is my fave TPK song too! My grandmother taught it to me when I was little. We performed it at the Bengaluru Habba a couple of years ago, on the erstwhile MG road walkway. Was fun, especially watching my Frazer Town friends struggling through those rapidfire lines like "Powdru-gyuwdru hachchi konda hengasobbalu, Kannu-ginnu minigsi-ginigsi nodi nakkaaga." and "Huli regkond Boran kerkond halgaL kuttaaga, Bora badhkkond kanneer surskond kai mugid kirchaaDdha"

All in western harmony if you please!

Oh man that was a riot! Papa audience mika mika antha nodtha idru :) Thank god it was a bitti show or they would have harsufied chapli-gipli at us :P

Abhipraya said...

That does sound like a riot dude. Do let us know next time you are singing. Will sing from the audience end and confuse them even more :D

Sumana said...

Very well written :) Sad that i missed this one ! keep writing :)

Pavithra Sankaran said...

Hey. TPK and my grandad were good friends, but I haven't had the good fortune of watching any of the famed man's work. Like the others have said, my list of things to catch up on in life is growing by the day.