Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Bougainvillea country

Bougainvillea is the most ubiquitous feature in Hyderabad. The old Nizam's city and currently nicknamed Cyberabad is certainly more greener than bengaLooru is. Even the road to new airport is green with new saplings planted. While the road to new bengaLooru airport is a graveyard of uprooted trees (one is hoping this will change).

Here are some pictures from the pearl city.

The flowers brighten the otherwise drab coloured walls of Golkonda Fort

More at the gate of Golkonda fort

This beauty was standing at the Ramoji Film city (Only thing I marvelled at besides the sheer genius of business brain behind this venture)

At one of the many Qutb Shahi Tombs

En route to Gachibowli where the hi-tech city is growing

More posts on Hyderabad as soon as I find time.


Ram Nambiar - (ashrk at yahoo dot com) said...

Now I know what you did in Hyderababd :)

My new post in My Hall of Fame is out. Let me know

Bikerdude said...

Wah super boss! Always had a soft corner for Cyberabadu.

About the BLR golf course road, sad but what to do. But don't worry madkobedi, repairy maadi matte gida ella haktheve anth yeno helthidrappa. God knows if or when it will happen.

La vida Loca said...

nice pics dude