Friday, November 09, 2007

Ta Daaaaa!

So here's the big news!

I have slept very little in the last one week and 3 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours! But for once the insomnia isn't about endless jabbering, movie sessions or just plain depression.

Invite every one to take a look at it and give feedback.

And hey would like it all the more if you could write :)

So off I go to celebrate more than just Deepavali this year. Happy Deepavali!


Anonymous said...

Hats off!!

(or whatever it is that women wear on their heads)


Abhipraya said...

Thanks Sajana :) So will you write for us? :D Been trying to find your email id to ask the same.

Samba said...

Interesting and adorable effort. I aint no fan of femnism though. I aint no MCP either. I'm too obsessed with myself to care about the battle of sexes. But I like your brand of personality from your disdain for bollywood to your your obsession with opinion venting (although unpaid and not asked for)!

That's what we need in a movie maker. More importantly, that's the kind of movie makers we need. I have been dreaming of shooting something. But looks like I'm too insipid to conceptualize stuff. But yeah, if you need marketing (unpaid, but asked for!) help toward your agazine and movie, let me know!

Abhipraya said...

Thank you Samba. I might actually take you up on that offer :)

Samba said...

By the way, what movies do you make? Would I be privileged enough to watch a few or perhaps read parts of their scripts?

Here's an unpaid and unasked for (but hopefully not uncalled for) comment. I'm surprised that you haven't used your blog (and yes your writing is pretty powerful) to promote your movies! Or are you parasitizing others' blogs toward this end? (Well, that might be more effective)!

Abhipraya said...

Samba: Thats because I never thought of doing that! As for scripts I make documentaries and they are almost always very fluid till its made. But hopefully someday you will get to read a proper script :)

Samba said...

Someday....While I don't expect myself to wait until "someday", on second thoughts I realize the aint too boring if what I get to read/watch turns out to wrench my heart (I love such work)or if I get busy enough reading/watching other heart wrenching stuff during the wait.

By the way, if I may ask, would it be possible to share snippets of your past work. If it hurts your intellectual property, please don't