Thursday, November 29, 2007

Globalisation of a different kind

It always scares me to hear about all the bomb blasts that happen all over the world. I believe it is the single most senseless thing that mankind has invented. But you never really understand how terrifying it is unless it touches you. When I was younger I knew very few people and whoever I knew were all either in Bangalore or Belthangady. Nothing much happened around then. News of one odd accident or an unexpected death was all that came along once in a while to disturb us. Then we moved on.

Now it is different I have made a lot friends and work with a lot of people in different parts of the country, world even. I always felt it was a good thing. But then when terrible things happen in those far away places and you worry about your friends or colleagues it isn't so good.

First time I realised this was when I met a young Kashmiri student years ago who talked about militancy that almost ripped his family and identity apart. I met him just once, I don't even remember his face or name but everytime I hear some news from Kashmir, I wonder about him.

The bomb blasts in Delhi, Mumbai and Assam always worries me. I know a few people there. I am not touch with all of them but it scares me nevertheless. The mindless shooting spree in some part of America, forest fires that go out of control, the cyclones that threaten an entire coastline all these are not just news one hears on TV anymore. It is much more personal.

Srilanka was another country that just fascinated me after I read Ramayana. Then I met two girls from that country who cried when they watched "Kannathil Muthamittal" and told the everyday horrors which shook me up so much I didn't sleep for days. Now I worry about that country too. These days a friend travels to Colombo often on work and I send out silent prayers.

Sometimes I feel I cannot take this anymore. This mindless blood spilling that's happening everywhere it is affecting me. And then I think if this is how I feel when I am miles away from there, what goes on in the minds of people who see this everyday and watch helplessly as violence disrupts their lives?


Samba said...

We must acknowledge that we have a problem. But I'm afraid you discount the role of govts in this mess. In your mind, you may not. In your post you sure do. The terrorists are not alone in the damage they wreck. The govts - the good intentioned govts as well as the evil intentioned ones feed the terrorists with what they need. Let's not fortget that even these abnormal, sadists are funded and aided by normal citizens from their demographic. I'm a patriot and I love India. Nonetheless, I don't like the idea of forcing the Kashmiris who give two hoots about India to be with us.

Think about it....

Abhipraya said...

I dunno how you got the idea that I think that governments are not to be blamed! I don't think the situation we are in is a result of one frustrated man or group's efforts. We are all in it together (which includes the governments) whether we intended to or not. And how are you so sure of what Kashmiris want?

Abhipraya said...

Samba, I am not publishing your comment because I think it is too strongly worded. I do not think that is called for. But your point is noted.

Samba said...

It's your discretion. Most reality in the world, if ever expressed, is strongly worded. If I could write it in more acceptable language I would.

On second thoughts, may be I'm not familiar with refined language in the first place!

I hope I haven't offended you. If I have and if an apology can undo the offense, you have mine.

I hope you did not receive a call from the agents of the FBI!

Abhipraya said...

No offense taken! And thanks for the warning about FBI.