Sunday, June 18, 2006

Undoing the Myths

Myths aren't new to any of us. Especially if you have grown up in an environment full of grand parents and the such who can conjure up stories to entertain, teach and just to keep you out of their hair. They can tell you stories of every kind gods, demons, good, evil, stupid, intelligent, just fun - every kind. I am not about to undo any of those. They were fun stories. I am talking about the kind you and I conditioned are to believe through out our lives and then suddenly one day it occurs "Hey that's not true"
Myth #1>
Women spend too much time shopping - Absolutely baseless.
Try this. I went shopping with this guy once, who wanted a white shirt. We stepped into Commercial Street at 11am on a Saturday morning. At the first shop he looked at every possible shade of white in all brands. Fairly simple choice - Seven shirts, five brands. Did he buy then? No. He just moved on to other shops, looked at the same shirts for next three hours and came back and bought the first white shirt he set his eyes on from the very first shop we stepped into. Exasperation is a gross understatement! Compare that to shopping with a girl friend of mine. She called me up and said she needs to buy some white top. We went to Cool Club in Chennai, bought one and were back at the hostel in flat 2 hours (which included travel time in peak traffic hour).
Myth #2>
Women spend too much money on clothes, shoes and everything - Oh Please!
Yes girls do buy a lot of clothes. That's because the love dressing up and they have so many things to try out compared to men's wonderfully boring stripes and checks variety of clothes. Same goes with shoes. But that doesn't mean they spend too much. I am not saying it just like that I've got facts for you.]
Woman's wardrobe
Unbranded Jeans that fits her like its made for her (the hunt is not easy let me assure you)- 350/-
Top - 125 -
Shoes - 150/-
Total - 625/-
Man's wardrobe
Levi Jeans (that needs altering and is ironed every time!!!) - 1200/- (I am sure its more than this)
Lacoste T-Shirt - 500/- (If he's buying a shirt then minimum price is 545/-)
Woodlands/ Red tape shoes - at the least 1800/-
Total - 3500/-
You do the math.
Myth #3>
Women gossip too much - Yeah right!
So it is the women who have created Page 3 eh?
Myth #4>
Women cannot save - Ha ha ha.
You will be astounded by the amount women manage to save. Even when they do not have bank accounts or mutual fund advices.
Myth 5>
Women are pathetic at sports - Phrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttttttttttttt
Men aren't exactly fantabulous in our country are they? How do you explain just one world cup victory in Cricket. For men have been playing this game for what about 80 years now? Not to forget we have not even qualified for the foot ball world cup. I would like to certainly add that although women took to sports much later we will still beat you soon. And we didn't take to sports late because we were not physically capable (as one of my classmates once suggested. He said to me 'women aren't biologically made to play cricket!' Sometimes I wonder why I didn't kill him then) but because of men. Pl. don't get me started on that. You will regret it.
So there I've said it. Pl. feel free to add to the list or undo my undoings.
Sincerely Yours


Sav said...

Applause, applause!!!! :)

Sav said...

Applause, applause!!!!

Anonymous said...

Women might buy instantly because if they don't like what they bought, they might come back in the next hr and buy another!
Poor guys .. Always try to make ends meet ..!

veena said...

amazing facts abhipraya........i would like to add another myth to ur list...
Women are per as tudy made women can take 50% more physical pain than men.
Women are emotional..the same inst has conducted an other survey whr the conclusion was tat women are more stronger mentally compared to men.

Abhipraya said...

Oh yes Veena you said it right! If men had to go through labour pain there would've been no population burst :) And Women are emotionally stronger on any given day.