Thursday, June 15, 2006

Puzzles of life.

When does cynicism set in, in one's life? At what age? Under what circumstances? How far will a person carry the resentment and bitterness of an unhappy childhood, a betrayal and failures? And how long? I have never understood this cynicism, this bitterness that makes an individual hate everyone and everything including oneself.

Sure, I've gone through betrayal more than once. Feeling let down is not alien to me. I've hated someone or something with all my heart at one point or the other. But soon the realisation dawned that hating someone or something would take more effort and more space in my life than just moving on. I have just this one life why should I waste it over people or things that aren't helping my cause? Whatever the cause.

The disappointment, the anger, the frustration does take over at times but isn't life worth figuring a way out of it? As long as you live there will be unhappy situations to face and unsavoury people who will walk in to your life. But is resentment the answer? The bitterness, the hatred - what good does that do to the one's you love or even yourself? Is it worth living a life time being unhappy? Do such people realise how difficult they are making their own lives and others around them?

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