Thursday, June 22, 2006

Knock Knock

What does one do when death comes knocking on your door? Does one see angels, devils or god himself? Or does one simply see list of jobs undone, dreams unfulfilled? Does one see her or his life in a flash. Is there regret? Or does she or he feel relieved this is over. Does the person feel the life is now complete and now she or he can move on? Where do they move on to? Is there a place for them outside the memories and picture frames they fill?

Everytime I encounter death all these questions come up in my head. Of course I have not come face to face with death too many times. But it has come close enough to disturb me. However the questions have not been answered, instead it has only doubled in number.

What do you say to a person who has lost someone? "I am sorry" seems like a ridiculous thing to say. Especially when it is not in English. Should we just not say anything and ask about other things? But isn't that rude? Then again what's the point of asking about the details isn't it. Sometimes I've realised that people do want to talk about their loss. That's how they get over it. But how do you know if they want to talk about it or not?

One thing is sure though. Death reminds us of our mortality. It tells us we are not invincible after all.

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