Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weekend Blues

I know blue is not the colour for the weekend, there is an explanation for this. First thing in the morning I switch on TV for some news. I haven't yet had the time to set the channels in order so I don't know what number it is on so I surf and go through about 6 music channels before I get to the news channel. By then I don't want to watch news anymore not because I am lazy but because Himesh Reshammiya has filled my senses! In not a very good way. I mean I am fed up of this guy. Every music channel I have seen, every chai shop I have been to, every public or private transport I have taken has played his songs endlessly. No I am not talking about the songs he only composed but the ones he also sang. Those nasal, soul piercing, wanna tear your hair out songs featuring himself in torn denim cap, a mike held upwards and that one and half expression of his. Good Lord. You will not believe the places I've heard him in. The fourteen hour drive from Lumberdung (in Arunachal) to Tezpur(in Assam) I heard every single song he ever sang at a decibel level that surely isn't music to one's ears. I was wishing for floo powder more than ever before. On the way when we stopped for chai, there was no respite because the man haunted there too. The worst blow came three days ago when I was rudely awakened at 6 am by the nasal rendition of O huzoor by the man on a bus that was headed to Trivandrum. That was god's own country that produced Yesudas for god sake. Sadly the torture didn't end with that it was not just the audio but video too. I realised most of the songs that didn't have the torn denim cap featured the serial kisser Emraan Hashmi. It just goes to prove that everyone has his / her place under the sun isn't it? Look at it Hashmi who can only kiss and not act to save his life and Reshammiya who can sing to murder both of them get all the airtime they want.

Like my dad says Ella Kaligaala!

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