Monday, April 24, 2006

The thing that gives you perspective.

When life is going in every direction but the one you want, you try to stand back to take a look at it right? At that point there is usually something that hits you to tell you this why it isn't working or if you do that particular thing differently life will take another direction. Basically, one gets a perspective that was previously unseen. To each person this perspective comes very differently. Some see it when things hit rock bottom, some when they have a life shattering encounter. Some even see it when someone else has a life changing encounter! Romantics say love gives them a different perspective. Materialists, when they get rich and the believers, in prayers and faith.

To me it is Food. In the morning when I think of breakfast and if there is just the possibility Uppittu, that too without avarekaaLu or atleast coconut, I know my day is ruined. Or if there is Dosa without the coconut chutney I know the day isn't going very well. After a long day of work if there is just cold Uppittu left from the breakfast woe is me.

The reason for all the food talk is the weekend that just went by. The weekend was doomed right from the start. Vivek was working on a saturday - bad start, I was sick (even worse) and to top it all the new curtains came one day late and two of them missing. It was just the right combinations to blow away the weekend. But I combination of Andhra, Continental and Thai food along with some home made sambhar saved it:-) Every bad situation was countered with good food. Sure it cost both money and energy but it paid off. The weekend was rescued. Food definitely makes you look at the brighter side.

BTW in the search for perspective we encountered Tiramisu, the revered dessert from Italy. But I really don't know what the brouhaha (that's the first time I am using this word) is about.

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