Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hoot Hoot Hoot :)

Twice in six months. In May this year I spotted this owl staring down at me from one of the palm trees at the IIM corridors (it sure does pay to stay back after class in the name of library references :) And then today it flew right across me on my own terrace! I don't get to see many birds around here mind you. There's just miles of concrete jungle how can there be birds? But then there it was flying right across me and I followed it to the closest dome. but it sensed me and flew to the neighbour's terrace. Then we stared at each other for long time before it slid away quietly into the darkness. My otherwise boring day was made :)

This was a barn owl. Once they lived amidst luscious foliage in the outskirts of the city but with our greed for roads and buildings we've pretty much wiped out their habitat. But these fellows aren't giving up easily. They have adapted to the concrete jungles and find high rise apartments very inviting. Sadly these fellows get killed or injured when they come and nest in the buildings owing to superstition. I am not much for superstition but how about the story that Owl is the official vehicle of Goddess Lakhsmi? She'd be more pleased with you if you let her "vaahana" survive than putting up a bronze owl on your door isn't it? Apparently there is a Bangalore Barn Owl Conservation Group do check it out.

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Santosh said...

Aaaa ! what strange co-incidence yaar !!!!

Today morning out of blue i asked my wife..."Do owls Fly??" :o)

I reach office and the first blog i read is about owls !!!!

Mere ullo banne ke din aa gaye seems like :o)