Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hmmm :)

I don't make too many plans in life. But I hate it when the few plans I make don't work out. I had exactly 3.5 plans for this year and nothing even took off till September!

Last few months (to be precise 7 months) have been the craziest, weirdest and at times even hopelessly depressing phase of my recent adulthood memory. At the beginning of September I was actually hoping that I would wake up the next morning and it would be 2009. (I know that wouldn't make the problems go away but at least it would be a brand new year.)

And then I had this epiphany that I was trying too hard at everything. It is always a problem when one tries too hard. But the problem is I cannot sometimes (err not being honest I know but what the heck it is my version of the story) let go till I am all twisted and exhausted. And then the breeze from the far away Bodhi Tree hits me and there is enlightenment---tadaaa like that!

Anyways, I gave up trying too hard (for now anyway) And life was looking up a little bit. And then something happened that might just make this year very special. It was one of the many things that was driving me up the wall and down the drain depending on the time of the day. From a year that was to be the worst in my recent memory to a year to be remembered for ever, I'd say I don't mind that at all :)

Aside: I am trying very hard to complete the book "You are here" by Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan. And I cannot help wonder why I can't write a book and may be win a Pulitzer if not a Nobel. Sure I don't have a cat and I am not 25. But I am past 30 and know enough about cats, dogs and even some wild animals for a good measure. Not to forget the men I've known (In what way well you just have to wait for my book.) I will do review of this book the day I finish reading the darn book. I do want to finish reading it by 25 October because there is no way I am gonna pay fine for this book! Bad enough I have to pay 19 bucks for borrowing it.


Kannan said...

Is the misery of reading Mennakshi reddy madhavan self inflicted? If not, do suspect the motive of the person who suggested it. Seriously, she really manages to dish out shit on a weekly basis in her column. And don't you think you are over-rating that book by thinking of reviewing it? mind you, you have alerady paid a heavy price borrowing it!

Santosh said...

3.5 Plans ?? LOL...

Also this is one of those "chicklet" books hai na ??

I had read a similar one "Almost Single" Ewwww.. was horrible.. i have no idea why i pciked such a book :p

Abhipraya said...

Yeah this is a Chicklit thing :) I was hoping only this one's crazy...Almost single also? Che!

And yeah I am quite stingy with making plans. This is very generous actually :)