Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's philosophy

It is easier to be non-judgmental when you are younger. One believes in the goodness of people much more easily. One has seen so little of injustice that it is easy take things / people at face value. Hardly any heartbreaks when one is 15 or even 20...save for one odd little (ok big :) crush that didn't work.

To cut the long story short...I have become judgmental in most situations. Something that I am unable to come to terms with.

Complications of growing up!


Shruthi said...

That is very true, about it being easier to be non-judgmental when young. But I have now reached a stage where I have started seeing that there is a reason behind everything. And I mean just about everything. And that makes it easier when you try and be non-judgmental.

Abhipraya said...

yeah i used to be able to do that...seeing the reason that is. May be I should try it again.