Friday, August 29, 2008

Of Gadgets and Gender

Yeah you'll see that the title of the post makes sense when you read my post.

I wanted to buy a camcorder; since my knowledge of cameras is restricted to professional cameras, I had trouble zeroing in on the right model. All the specs of a camcorder sounded inadequate to me till someone reminded I won't make professional movies with them. Anyways after much research I had a shortlist. Usually all my shopping happens with V (when it is not girl stuff that is) but he was too busy this time so I took off on my own. The first place I went to is Chroma (Eva mall) and boy was I pissed off with their customer service!

Firstly I had to talk 3 guys to find out who knows enough about the camcorders and then that mighty ass was refusing to even answer any of my questions. The fellow knew nothing beyond was was written on a little piece of paper in front of each model. And he was just not interested in selling it to me! But when another guy came in and asked similar questions and the sales guy was all eager to answer them. Talk about gender bias! Just because it is a woman you assume that she knows nothing about gadgets? And she's doing time pass? What the...

This is not the first time I was shopping with them. I bought a printer from them (Star Bazaar, Koramangala) earlier. That time V was with me and I would ask all the questions and the guy would answer to V only. The funny thing is between V & me I am the one who's fond of gadgets and buys most of them. But hey I am a girl and I must be buying it because it is looking pretty on my kitchen shelf or may be because it is pink.

When will things change?

Since I had to buy the camcorder I decided to try another shop, this time went to Sony world on Koramangala inner ring road. And got answers to all the queries I had and bought one.

So there you Chroma fellows you lost a customer who spent more than 20k. I know you don't care about one customer but someday there'll be lots like me and if you don't check your attitude you will feel the pinch. Aaaah who am I kidding!

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